Some of Our Customers most frequently asked questions can be answered here. If you still have questions regarding renting one of our dumpsters, please feel free to contact us!

No. While it is possible we may be able to deliver a dumpster early in the morning and pick it up later in the afternoon depending on the schedule that day. This is can sometimes be difficult to do and whether we can accommodate this request is based on our schedule for that particular day. In some cities we offer what are called “live-loads” where our driver will drop off a dumpster at the customer’s location and remain on-site until the dumpster is filled. This is restricted only to customers who are able to load up their dumpsters within a short amount of time and who do not need a dumpster for longer than a day. Regarding costs, even though you may only have the dumpster for one day, the price will remain the same as a typical rental. From an operational perspective, we are still delivering the dumpster, removing the full dumpster and disposing the debris just like any other dumpster
rental service, so the same costs would apply. Each instance is handled on a case-by- case basis, so please call in and speak with one of our project managers who will be able to better determine your options.

Simple answer – no! At both delivery and pick up, the only thing you need to do is to clear the area – do not have anything blocking the access of the dumpsters. This includes cars, gates, debris, and or equipment. Please have everything out of the way so our driver has a clear path for pick up. Note if the driver is unable to retrieve the dumpster on the day of pick up, additional charges will occur.

Yes! We offer same day delivery. . Keep in mind, if you’re calling in the late afternoon we are not
going to guarantee it. We do appreciate a days notice, however, if you call early enough one of our
project managers can check to see if we have any openings in your area.

Yes, spreading material evenly inside the dumpster is best. You CANNOT overload the container passed the top, some containers have a line that marks where you cannot go over. Nothing can be hanging over the walls, or sticking out of the top. Over-filling the container may result in additional fees due to driver’s time and delays suffered.

You can contact us to get an ETA on your container on the day of delivery. Keep in mind, your container will be delivered between 7 AM as late as 8 PM unless otherwise specified on the day your scheduled. Keep in mind, the trucking industry does not always guarantee times, delays do happen.

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